T J Plating Ltd is pleased to offer the following services for your consideration:

  • Bright Zinc Plating
  • Barrel and Rack Plating
  • Nickel and Chrome Plating
  • Fitting Engine Parts
  • Plating of Fixings and Fittings

If you need more information regarding the above mentioned electroplating services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Bright Zinc Plating in Belfast

Our clients are engineering and coach manufacturing companies who export their products all over Europe. High profile companies that we have provided our services include BE Aerospace, E and I Engineering, Power Bar and Nacco Materials. We are also ISO 9001 registered for your peace of mind.

Chrome Plating

Chrome PlatingAt T.J Plating we provide a top quality decorative chrome finish incorporating both copper and nickel, allowing us to get the best finish possible.

The preparation of the parts is vitally important to the quality of the finished article. All parts are stripped and re polished, copper plated, polished again, nickel plated and then chrome plated.

Here at T.J Plating we are car and motorbike enthusiasts so understand the passion involved when restoring these machines and we will always do our upmost for our customers.

Chrome plating (less commonly chromium plating) often referred to simply as chrome, is a technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal or plastic object. The chromed layer can be decorative, provide corrosion resistance, ease cleaning procedures, or increase surface hardness.

Nickel Plating

Bicycle bellNickel plating is a process that is both used as a finish and a support for chrome plating.

Nickel electroplating is a process of depositing nickel on a metal part. Parts to be plated must be clean and free of dirt, corrosion, and defects before plating can begin. To clean and protect the part during the plating process a combination of heat treating, cleaning, masking, pickling and etching may be used. Once the piece has been prepared it is immersed into an electrolyte solution and is used as the cathode. The nickel anode is dissolved into the electrolyte in form of nickel ions. The ions travel through the solution and deposit on the cathode.

Barrel Plant

Screws and nails as backdropThis plant gives the ability to zinc plate smaller items on a large scale such as decking screws or pipe fittings. The parts are placed into the barrel which is then secured and put through the zinc plating process. When the barrel arrives at each plating station it rotates allowing a good and even plate of all the parts inside.

Similar to the Rack plant the parts are then dipped and coated in either the silver / Clear or the colour / gold passivation to provide the best finish for the customer.

Copper Plating

cordages et cuivresAt T.J Plating we offer both traditional alkaline cyanide copper plating services as well as acid copper plating services for a wide range of engineering applications.

We primarily use these methods as an undercoat for nickel and chrome, in this application it is way of building up the item with layers of copper to enable polishing to achieve a bright and smooth finish, expected when chroming.

Polishing Services

Motorcycle headlightAt T.J Plating polishing is used to prevent contamination, create a reflective surface, prevent corrosion an enhance the overall look of an item, this is especially important in the preparation for nickel and chrome plating, importantly, polishing is used to remove oxidation. Oxidation is tarnish that builds up on metal causing a rusted and neglected look to appear on the surface.

T.J Plating is an industry leader in the art of polishing. Polishing is a major application your item in the preparation of copper, nickel and chrome.

Here at T.J Plating every project is treated like as a show piece and our expert polishers will always get a smooth and mirror image before any iterm begins the plating process.

In the first stage of polishing a 60 to 80 grit abrasive is used to start and then we will finish with a 500 grit before moving to the polishing wheel and soap polish.

Polishing is used to prevent contamination, create a reflective surface, prevent corrosion and enhance the overall look of an item. Most importantly, polishing is used to remove oxidation. Oxidation is tarnish that builds up on metal causing a rusted and neglected look to appear on the surface.

T.J Plating will accept all jobs for polishing not just those which are for plating.

Barrel Zinc Plating

Nuts and boltsZinc plating offers exceptional protection against corrosion on iron and steel components, with limited build up on threads and recessed areas, unlike other processes, such as hot dip galvanising. It is commonly used on nuts and blots, washers and brackets due to its protective nature and attractive appearance. It also makes excellent undercoat for powder coating or paint. Post plating our customers will choose from either a gold / yellow passivation or a bright clear / silver passivation which give an extra corrosion resistance along with an enhanced appearance.

Electroplating Services

T.J Plating specialise in the process of electroplating with over 40 years in the industry.

It is a process that is requested by both the private and commercial industries.

Electroplating is used to reduce abrasive wearing, improve wear resistance, offer corrosion protection, and to be used as a decorative surface. Electroplating can be offered as gold or silver colours to give your ojbect a unique look and exclusive touch. The advantages of electroplating are notable and prominent. Electroplating enables reduced costs as well as improved properties on your object with one single use making this service highly requested.

At T.J Plating we electroplate using two different methods, rack and barrel.

We are ISO 9001 accredited and pride ourselves on our quality finishes.

Rack Plant

This is our large plating plant which allows us to zinc plate electrically on to oversized items such as roof ladders for vans and floor pans for cars or great quantities that need to be hung to prevent any risk of marking caused by the parts hitting one another.

The plant is then operated by crane by the operator and then put through the various stages of zinc plating followed then by the application  of a clear / silver passivation or a colour / gold passivation depending on the customers preference.